Archive | December, 2010

The 90 Day Startup Diet

90 days to a successful startup (or not). I mentioned in my last post that I’m conducting a 90 day experiment in which I will try to take a startup from idea through launch. To answer the first couple of questions: Yes, I am insane. No, I don’t sleep much. No, other than my family […]

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Fried Chickens and Scrambled Eggs

I was in a series of meetings this week helping a non-profit on get started. This is a group of serious people with serious financial connections and a great idea but they are struggling with the same thing that every start up deals with. What comes first. . . the chicken or the egg? Does […]

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Hello World

I’ve often thought that the act of blogging is an incredibly¬†narcissistic¬†exercise. Who, other than my Mom, will find the things that I have to say compelling enough to dedicate a few minutes of their day to reading my blog? So it is with great humility that I launch my blog Mad Smarts. A couple of […]

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