Hello World

I’ve often thought that the act of blogging is an incredibly narcissistic exercise. Who, other than my Mom, will find the things that I have to say compelling enough to dedicate a few minutes of their day to reading my blog?

So it is with great humility that I launch my blog Mad Smarts. A couple of notes:
1) The title is meant to be ironic. . . not serious. Despite the fact I have decided to launch a blog I am not so narcissistic as to believe that I am brilliant. On the contrary I am rarely the smartest guy in the room, the brightest light in the harbor or the highest card in the hand BUT I’m smart enough to surround myself with brilliant people and I’m tougher than an old shoe.
2) I have a lot of interests so my blog may wander a bit. I love the start up life and being a Dad. With what little time I have left I love iron distance triathlons, fly fishing, snowboarding, shooting hoops, the CSU Rams and indie music. I do not care for tomatoes, obnoxious christmas decorations, Two and a Half Men and AT&T Wireless.
3) I speak for me. If I piss you off. Be pissed at me. Not the companies I’ve founded or groups I’m associated with.
I think that about covers it. I hope you enjoy my ramblings are at the very least entertained. . . Mom.

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