As a Jersey gal, I’ve been a Giants fan since I was a wee one. So yesterday was, well, pleasing. I holed up to watch the game with childhood friends, bit my nails down to the quick, and got elbowed in the face when the group of us jumped around screaming and the clock ticked down to zero. After I determined that I hadn’t lost a tooth, I picked up my phone to text friends about the win. But there was a notification from Groupon about an NFL toaster. “A GIANTS TOASTER!” I announced. My skeptical boyfriend asked if the $30 toaster actually emblazoned the NYG logo into the toast. As soon as I replied “yes,” everyone in the room stopped screaming and whipped out their phones to make the purchase. In the cold light of day, I tweeted to Groupon damning them for tempting me with a $30 novelty toaster in my time of crazy. Groupon replied as you might expect: “We impulse bought a NY Giants pony, so consider the toaster a space-saver.” -Julianne
I love stories about ridiculous impulse purchases.  That toaster will be a topic of conversation for years to come, which, in my opinion, makes it a great use of $30. 

How Groupon capitalized on my temporary insanity


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